What are the cleaning services provided by RPS?

Ringwood Property Services (RPS) is an innovator and a leader when it comes to cleaning services Melbourne offerings. Having been established two decades ago, we have been offering our services to both residential and commercial properties in several cities in Australia. Our services comprise the whole gamut of cleaning services such as house cleaning, steam cleaning, office cleaning, builders cleaning, industrial cleaning, body corporate cleaning and property maintenance services.

In which cities are RPS services currently offered?

Although we primarily operate as a cleaning services Melbourne company. Sydney and Canberra are also covered by us.

Do you provide any special training to your cleaning services staff?

Of course, this is an industry where you find best cleaning practices and we always make it a point to inculcate our cleaning services Melbourne staff with all these best practices. There are occasions which require specialty training such as when cleaning sterile environments such as health care facilities. We provide our staff with the necessary training to carry out duties of this nature. Anyway, our stringent recruitment procedure ensures that we get an experienced work force. This makes it possible for us to provide the most professional service.

What are the advantages available to clients through RPS cleaning services?

For the past 20 years, RPS has been a leader in the cleaning services Melbourne industry. Our experience extends to serving both residential and commercial properties. We offer high quality, safe and hygienic services on a consistent basis, for which we are always accountable. We are committed to the high standard of training provided to our staff and maintain open and clear communication lines with our staff and clients. Our employees are always friendly and helpful, whether they are working on the front lines or behind the scenes. These are some of the factors that make us different from our competitors and help us stand out.

Can I hire basic cleaning services on a regular basis?

Our cleaning services Melbourne offerings are available to all clients whether they are small residential complexes or large commercial properties. If the client’s requirement is to dust household equipment, sweep and mop the floors and empty the trash bins on a regular basis, we carry that out. If the requirement is to keep a large commercial property spick and span, we handle that too. No job is too small or too large for us, we are happy to oblige all our clients.

What are the different cleaning packages and rates offered by RPS?

First of all, our cleaning services Melbourne fit-out would offer a free price quote to all customers and then discuss their cleaning requirements and devise a suitable package accordingly. There are several factors which determine the rates of commercial cleaning services. These include the size and magnitude of the job, type of cleaning required and how often the services are required.

Compared to competitors, what are RPS cleaning services prices like?

Our services may not be the cheapest in the market, but they are definitely some of the highest quality and professional services as we always strive towards customer satisfaction. Our strong points are our commitment to quality and consistency in our services with the rigorous quality assurance procedures carried out by us and the high employee retention rate, which helps us provide these services.

Do I need to do anything before the RPS cleaning staff arrives?

We advise clients, whether their properties are commercial or residential, to remove all personal items and valuables from the areas which require cleaning, before our arrival. If the client is unable to do this, we will try to do it, however we need prior notice about such requirements so we can allocate more time for the project. Portable items like chairs, tables, lounge suites and beds on casters can be moved for free.

Do I need to provide anything for the cleaning services?

No, our cleaning services Melbourne unit comes with all the requirements and the client doesn’t need to provide anything. We provide the labour, eco-friendly equipment and all materials without any harmful chemicals required for the cleaning at the agreed price.

What about damages caused during cleaning?

We take utmost care during cleaning jobs and can guarantee that damage is minimal. However, if damage does occur, we will take steps to have the item repaired or replaced. Even insurance claims can be filed when and where applicable. Our cleaning services Melbourne offerings come with General Liability insurance and Workman Compensation coverage to protect clients against damaged property or injuries caused during cleaning.

How do I hire RPS?

You can contact us through our website for an obligation-free quote or call us on 1300 39 44 55 for more information. Our customer care advisers will assist you round the clock.