Why do we need to choose Ringwood Property Services Steam cleaning Melbourne fit-out to steam clean my carpets, rugs, drapes, and upholstery?
Because our staff is well trained and experienced in the field of steam cleaning. The techniques used by our experts will sanitise the surfaces and completely removes the grime, bacteria, and other hazardous substances from surfaces making a safe living environment for your family, employees and also pets. Our Melbourne steam cleaning staff guarantees your satisfaction by making your place look bright and feel fresh, clean and toxic free.

Do you provide customised service plans for steam cleaning assignments in Melbourne?
Yes, our steam cleaning Melbourne division provides customised and flexible service plans for cleaning assignments in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

How often should I clean my carpets, rugs, drapes and upholstery?
It depends on a number of facts but mostly on the amount traffic your carpets carry and how dirty they become. Most domestic carpets should be cleaned about once a year and commercial carpets should be cleaned more frequently.

Do you use environmentally-friendly products for steam cleaning tasks?
Our well trained and experienced steam cleaning staff uses environmentally friendly biodegradable industry-certified hot-steam clean products which are 100% safe.

Do you use chemicals for the cleaning process?
We do. But you are safe with our fully trained and instructed steam cleaning Melbourne staff. For an example, we use a non-toxic carpet dry cleaning solution in dry carpet clean service.

How do I need to prepare my property for the steam cleaning service?
We ask that you move smaller items and breakables prior to cleaning.

Do I need to provide any materials and equipment for the steam cleaning service?
No, Our steam cleaning Melbourne staff will bring everything they need for steam cleaning.

How long does it take to provide a steam cleaning service?
It will depend on many factors such as the size of the cleaning area, the number of the items to be cleaned and their current status. However, you can trust our experienced staff to complete the job as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How long will it take to dry out after the steam cleaning?
The drying time varies depending on the type of the material, the weather conditions, humidity and so on. On average, carpets and rugs that have been steam cleaned will take 4-8 hours to dry. Upholstery that has been steam cleaned will take 2 - 24 hours to dry.